Chiropractic Solutions For Concussions

Concussion has been defined by the Canadian Paediatric Society as:

“A complex pathophysiological process that affects the brain, induced by traumatic biomechanical forces resulting in the rapid onset of short-lived impairment of neurologic function that resolves spontaneously.

Concussion may be sustained by a direct blow to the head, face, or neck or by a blow to somewhere else on the body that transmits an impulsive force to the head.

Most concussions do not cause a LOC [loss of consciousness] or cause only a transient (i.e., lasting seconds) LOC.”

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Our Chiropractor's Approach

Dr. Hoffman is proud to house a wide array of computerized diagnostic and treatment equipment perfectly suited for evaluating and managing patients suffering from post-concussion syndromes.

It’s our desire to work with you so you can heal from a concussion and resume your everyday activities.

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The symptoms that brought me in to Dr. Hoffman’s office are related to Post Concussion Syndrome, some of those symptoms are, balance issues, spatial issues, vertigo, whiplash, shoulder, back and hip sprains.

Since coming in to see Dr Hoffman, I have seen improvements in my ability to target. Before the treatments, when I would throw the dog’s ball it would veer 20-40 degrees to the right; now, it has improved to 5-10 degrees on either side. I have also had improvements in my day to day life, I am not spilling, bumping into or accidentally hitting things nearly as much as before. I feel more confident going out for walks, I can walk a straight line now without falling over, my bouts of vertigo are greatly reduced, and I have improved range of motion in my neck.

There is an extremely positive, proactive atmosphere in Dr. Hoffman’s office. He understands what is involved to rehabilitate post concussion, and does not push patients beyond their tolerance level.

Uniquely Trained to Deal with Concussion

Doctors of chiropractic are becoming increasingly involved in the concussion field. The magazine Canadian Chiropractor reports, “Chiropractors are key members of appropriate team management in concussion injuries. The etiology of concussion is traumatic and as such must be differentiated or managed concurrently with other effects of the trauma such as whiplash, subluxation, neck strain, facet syndromes and muscle spasm. Chiropractors are uniquely capable, and some of the best-trained professionals, to deal with the multiple facets of a concussion injury and should be involved in the health team from prevention to return to play.

Prevention, pre-injury status, post-injury assessment, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up are all key components in considering the big picture of concussions for our young athletes, and there is a role for chiropractic in all of these areas. Our training and education in neurology combined with our specialized knowledge and experience in musculoskeletal function, nutrition and exercise are powerful tools to make a difference in our communities by keeping our children safe and active in sports!”

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